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Our Senior Staff is composed of individuals who have supported C&S for years and
have extensive Waterfowling experience.

Senior Staff Members:
Boone Cook
I live in Michigan and am happily married to a very understanding wife of 14 years.  We have two young children.  I spend my falls chasing ducks and geese across the Midwest.  My favorite aspect of waterfowling is watching birds work a spread.  C&S calls definitely help put more birds feet down in the hole.  I am proud to represent a great Christian company.  Mike Stelzner is one of the best in the business.  His innovation and craftsmanship is unmatched and a C&S call will help put more birds in your face.
Brennan Scheutte
I grew up in the small town of Brownton MN, this where I found my passion for the outdoors. My grandpa and my dad brought me into the traditions of hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors. My true passion in the outdoors is pursuing waterfowl as much as I can, whether it be chasing late season mallards or going to the Dakotas in the spring to chase snow geese during the spring conservation season, it is always something I look forward to. I shot my first duck at the age of 5 behind my grandpa’s farm place on the creek that runs through his property. There is just something about watching a flock of geese turn at your call or watching a tornado of mallards funnel down to your boot bag that really gets my heart pumping. I love sharing hunting and fishing stories and introducing anyone to the great outdoors. 
Bryan Hanson
My name is Bryan Hanson and I'm from Litchfield Minnesota. I grew up hunting pheasants in South Dakota and transitioned into waterfowl and I haven't looked back. I love the variety of waterfowl hunting if it's ducks in a dry field to geese on a pasture pond it's all beautiful. I have been blowing C&S Custom Calls for a couple years now and my new favorite all around call is the Prophet it has great Crack and speed as well as that great natural goose at the bottom.

Chad Weber
For as long as I can remember, I've always been fascinated with the outdoors.    Watching greenheads hanging over the decoys or honkers feet down in the decoys is a magical time. It never loses its excitement for me.
I reside in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and am blessed to be married to a wonderful woman who understands me and my passion.  I have a young daughter and yellow lab who are regulars with me in the field.  Seeing my daughter's excitement for the outdoors is something I'm very proud of and look forward to building upon in the future. 

Delane Frauenkron
From Southeast Mn. Enjoy hunting  ducks in the Mississippi backwaters or the prairie pothole region of North Dakota. What drives me is spending time with friends and watching my pup "Belle" work. On my lanyard now Archangel, Prophet and an Apostle.

Dylan Berg
Born and raised in New London, Minnesota. I started waterfowl hunting when I was 7 years old. I really enjoy snow goose hunting because it can be very challenging, yet so rewarding. When I'm not waterfowl hunting I enjoy spending time with my family. If I needed to pick just one, my favorite C&S call would be the prophet because of its amazing versatility.

Evan Whitehead
I am 31 years old and was born and raised in Southeast Oklahoma. I currently live in Tushka, Oklahoma where my wife Leslie and I raise our two children. I work for the Choctaw Nation and also serve on the volunteer fire dept here in Tushka.

Jacob Heuston
I currently reside in Eastern South Dakota with my beautiful wife Briana, two boys Jase (6) and Zach (3), and Gauge our 7 year old yellow lab. In the fall you will find me pursing waterfowl with my dad and often both my young boys. I bought my first duck and goose call from C&S Custom Calls in 2011 and those two calls have never left my lanyard since.  The C&S Justifier and Apostle get it done day in and day out in the field in any hunting situation I’ve thrown at them.  I am very proud to represent a company that not only makes a great product but is also rooted in strong Christian faith.

Jake Powell

My name is Jake Powell from Hutchinson MN. I love hunting ducks! I really enjoy chasing honkers too, and I dabble in the diver category.  But my favorite are the mallards. I have been with C&S about 4 years now and honestly don't see that changing in this lifetime, My go to calls are a brass banded coco Justifier,  a Stealth Series Archangle, and one of my Signature Series Diciples.  I'm a huge fan of just about any of Mikes wood calls. They are all amazing! I own and operate PPF Mud Motors, so when I'm not busy hunting or spending time with the family. I can be found in the shop or in the swamp doing mud motor things..

Kenny Peterson
Kenny Peterson-Born and raised in Litchfield, MN. I enjoy my profession as a LEO. My passion for waterfowl hunting caught me early in life. In 2013, a close group of friends created a video production company, Muddy Water Productions. It's purpose has been to not only show people what our passion consist of, but to network with others. "It's not always about the limits, but rather the memories you share pushing yourself to the limit". We have supported C&S Custom Calls from the beginning; proud partnership!

Lucas Adamski
I have 15 years of waterfowl hunting experience which includes guiding. I usually start my season the beginning of September in northern MN and chase birds all across the state until the beginning of Jan. I also can be found chasing snow geese in the spring. I love getting new people involved in the sport and especially kids. I also do duck calling contests and my goal for every year is to qualify for the World Duck Calling Championship in Stuttgart, AR.
Matt Keller
My first honker came when I was 11 in Southern Indiana.  As I pulled up to shoot I remember hearing my father say, "It's too far!".  That goose miraculous fell and the fact that it was banded in a time where bands were not as common made the old timers hunting with us that day a bit jealous.  I was hooked however and have enjoyed waterfowling ever since.  I now get to hunt ducks and geese in the mountains of valleys of Idaho.  As much as I love waterfowling, my greatest passion is seeing others come alive in Jesus.  This is what I do full time and wouldn't trade it for the best duck hunting in the world.

Pat Brower
I was born & raised in Zeeland, MI which is on the west side of MI about 15 miles from Lake Michigan. This is where I still reside today with my wife & two young boys Nolan & Eli. My parents raised my two sisters & I in a strong Christian home where we learned about God, Life, and the great outdoors. As for in the field C&S has been my choice of calls to use & also to collect. I have used a lot of calls in the field, and have been very happy with my C&S calls which are my "Go to" calls when hunting.
Ryan Miller
Ryan grew up in Northern California with a love for the outdoors and is now consumed with the pursuit of whitetail and waterfowl. He is a devout husband and father of two beautiful girls (with a son on the way). He loves to share is passion for the outdoors with his family and friends and spends countless hours each year either on the hunt or preparing for the chase.  Still, he finds just a momentary satisfaction at the end of each hunt before his mind races to think what he could have done better or what he should do differently his next time out. As a veteran of the armed forces; he took his love of the outdoors and our God given right to freedom and formed a foundation to make a difference in the lives of our nation's heroes! In 2010, Ryan founded a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization called Hunters Helping Heroes, Inc.  to show his appreciation for our service men and women, his organization takes various military, police, and firefighters on hunting and fishing retreats across the nation.  In fact, some of his fondest memories have been made while in the field sharing laughs and stories with these heroes.  And he has made some lifelong friends in the process.

Tyler Heaton
I chase waterfowl all over the state of Michigan! In the past couple off seasons I ventured into some contest calling, winning Indiana novice goose and Grandville Cabela's live duck the last 2 years. I also try to get involved in any outdoor related event in my area. I participate in many youth waterfowl events each year to share my love for the sport and teach kids the safe way to waterfowl hunt. I use C&S because they are the best quality made calls in the business!