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C&S Custom Calls
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THE DISCIPLE is our Standard Goose Call. Its length is designed to Give you Ease of use, Control, and Plenty of Speed, while giving you a nice Goosey tone.  Its capable of  Loud Hails with good crack, a great Mid range and some excellent low end.  Its slightly easier to operate than its shorter Brother the Apostle, due to the extra back pressure from the added length.  Its a great choice for someone looking for a goose call to handle any situation. This is a great Call for Beginners up through Experianced Callers
THE APOSTLE puts all the control in your hands, and the speed at your fingertips!  Loud Hails with good crack, a fast mid section and one WICKED low end make this call an excellent call for the serious goose hunter. We find that ALL geese respond excellent and in our opinion better to a slightly higher pitch call. Add the speed and control of the Apostle to the mix and if gives you a edge on the Honkers. This is a great Call for Beginners up through Experianced Callers, but requires more hand control than our other models
Our Goose calls are all Short reed style; utilizing a toneboard, wedge, and reed.  We use our own Guts which we designed, and mold right here in our shop. We use our own "MBG" Broke in" Gut in all our calls, giving them great sound and range, while retaining ease of use and speed. We do a moderate shave on the reed to make the call run smoother and easier, as well as give it more bottom end. Our Goose calls cover a wide array of needs and calling styles, letting you choose the right fit for you as a caller and a hunter.
THE PROPHET  We wanted to build a goose call that combined all the best features of our current lineup, while at the same time has a new twist.  The Prophet combines the speed and versatility of the Apostle with the Deep rich tone of the Disciple and Grail.  The Internal bores are vastly different from any of our other calls, giving it smooth rollover, depth, and power when you need it! It also comes with our MBG broke in gut system so you know it delievers a easy to run smooth, versatile, sound.  It has all the great attributes needed to do trick notes, and more. The Prophet will find a permanent spot on several lanyards this year!
THE GRAIL Short reed design, with new internal bores and our MBG gut system that employs a unique updraft toneboard to give the user more speed and control, and is worn in to give you an incredible deep goosey sound. Toss in a checkered barrel, and a insert with a leg band, Tarsus band, and steel shot totally incased in it, and you have a truely unique call.
This is a great Call for Beginners up through Experianced Callers