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C&S Custom Calls
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Our Duck calls are Arkansas Style Calls, using a cork, reed, and one piece toneboard to make up the insert.  Each call is tuned and backbored to give you a wide range of versatility in the field, from open water to timber.   We carry a variety of  materials and color options for each call which can be purchased through our webstore. If you desire something else with a more fancy touch, check out our signature series section.

THE JUSTIFIER is a short duck call by industry standards, but don't let that fool you, It has big time sound!   From smooth transitions to moderate hold, the Justifier has about as many ducks in it as a refuge feed lot! From top to bottom this call handles like a dream. It is a free running call giving the user full control.  It also has five National Working Class titles under its belt, so you know it sounds good and runs easy.

THE PREACHER is the new workhorse in the lineup, totally redesigned in 2015, this call is Nasty! Nasally and whiny when you want it to be, but open your throat and this call will Bark, and get loud! , The cut feed is amazing and it has a powerful sound the ducks love.  A must for your lanyard this season!
THE ARCHANGEL is brand new for 2016!   It combines the rich full sound and whiny hold of the Preacher, with the smoothness and versatility of the Justifier. We know this is going to become the favorite call of many waterfowlers this year.  It has a great full range  and transitions easily from top to bottom. Its built in hold allows for easy feed chatter and bouncing hens, while its taller deck height allows for deep rattily duck sounds.  The new Archangel is sure to bring ducks from the heavens!
THE REDEEMER  is brand new for 2016! We decided it was time to build a dedicated double reed duck call, so we went to work on a new toneboard and bore design that fits the bill for two reeds.  The Redeemer runs a full bottom reed and a shorter dimpled top reed. This setup allows for the ease of use of a Double reed with the range and versatility of a Single reed.  The toneboard has more drop to allow for both reeds to run freely and still take very little air. If you need a double reed at an affordable price, The Redeemer is for you! 
THE WHISTLE is a great addition to the C&S Lineup!   The whistle is designed to easily replicate the whistling sounds of the Teal, Pintail, Widgeon, Wood Duck, and Drake Mallard. By covering the rear hole and varying the cadence you blow into the call you can easily replicate all these sounds. Each whistle is hand made and comes with its only lanyard drop with our logo'd Drop Tag attached! Just clip this onto your existing lanyard and you are ready to go!