Founded in 2004, C&S Custom Calls started out as a small hobby and turned into a serious addiction! Handcrafting things has always been a passion of mine. I starting making calls in the late 1990's, mostly fiddling with turkey pot calls, and wing bone calls. My love for calls and calling led me to start making duck and goose calls, which became an instant addiction.  It Didn't take long and I had more people asking for calls than I could handle so I opened up C&S!  The name is derived from our two founding CEO's, Cheyenne and Shelby, our Golden Retrievers who are now hunting in Heaven.  Our new ladies Callie and Sadie keep us working hard though!
We take great Pride in building each one of our calls. Our wood is dry and stable, and most of our wood is often stabilized to make it solid as a rock and impervious to weather.  Stabilizing is a costly process but is well worth the beautiful calls we can make by utilizing it.   Our calls are well finished and the craftsmanship is of the highest quality, nonetheless they are designed 150% to hunt, and they do it well. We have a huge stock of crazy materials including exotic wood species from around the globe, and manmade materials you never thought could be used as a call. We strive to innovate new calls and new ideas every year to stay about the market of normal calls. Why have the same call everyone else has, when you can have something totally unique, and made just for you, that sounds incredible.
My name is Mike Stelzner, and I live with my wife Sarah, our sons Bryan & Eli, and our two  Retrievers Callie and Sadie in the small town of Zumbrota Minnesota.  We are about 1 hour south of the Twin Cities.  God is at the center of our home and we strive to follow him where he leads us!  We do as much as we can to support several growing organizations focused on God, Family, and our Veterans.  We LOVE Minnesota, and love the hunting and outdoor oppurtunities it has to offer. From Northern Pines to Southern Plains it is a great place to live and be a sportsman! The Shop is always open to you. Feel free to contact me about setting up a time to visit!
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